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The New Modular Balcony System


With the ever-increasing demand for apartment blocks and high rise living with the need the outside space, Balconylife has created a new modular design balcony with a range of sizes to suits all developments.

The balcony system has a range of balustrade options and two decking options to suit most developments.

ConXdec is a cost-effective solution manufactured from mild steel and galvanised after manufacture for large scale developments yet having flexibility on a number of varied apartments or property door openings to increase length with the modular system. conXdec can also be used for corner balconies to provide a double aspect and wrap around where three sides are required.

Optional finishes for the balustrade for balconies :

  • Frameless Glass
  • Glass with Handrails
  • Aluminium Handrail System (powdercoated)
  • Mild Steel ( galvanised and powdercoated)
  • Mild Steel and Glass
  • PPC Aluminum Panels


Bespoke cantilever balconies with Glass balustrade
Bespoke cantilever balconies with Glass balustrade

Steel used in balconies is has many benefits over alternative methods for balconies including aluminium and concrete herewith some of the benefits:

  • Fire Rating – Steel has a much greater melting point over aluminium
  • Recycled – almost all steel can be recycled and reused therefore sustainable.
  • Flexibility in design – Steel can be formed into different shapes including curved to greater tolerances.
  • Stronger – Steel possess a great strength to weight ratio than aluminium making it more resilient therefore less likely to warp in in heat, bend and therefore greater stability for balconies.

Decking to the balconies can be FR Rated Aluminium or Fire Resistant composite decking.

The modular Balcony System also incorporates and integral controlled drainage system that allows rainwater from the deck to be directed to outlets or position(s) of choice.

ConXdec can be used as a slide on or bolt on system with manufacture of balcony off site so the balcony arrives assembled ready for install by our in -house installation teams.

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Linden Park

Current Project - Dec 2020

Balconylife has been awarded the design, manufacture and installation of a prestigious project for Linden Park Apartment block.

Balconylife are supplying all balcony systems, staircases, canopies and handrail systems for the while project.

The customer was seeking a supplier whom could complete the works to reduce the requirement for many contractors on site due to many factors.

Balconylife’s expertise was able to provide a complete solution for the works due for completion December 2020.

Should you require Balconylife to assist with your project for a concept to completion package for all balcony, handrail, balustrade, canopy and or staircase systems, please contact us: 

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