Cantilever Balconies


The New Modular Balcony System

With the ever-increasing demand for apartment blocks and high rise living with the need for outdoor space for modern living, Balconylife has created a new modular design balcony system with a range of standard sizes to suit all developments.

These standard modules make it ideal for achitects and specifiers at the conception stage.

The conXdec is fire rated as standard
with our system meeting the requirements of the LABC for fire rating and weatherproofing.

The system is supplied as standard with
following items:

  • Aluminium Decking System with integral drainage.

  • Controlled drainage system from decking to outlets at any point for dispersal to position determined /specified

  • Fire Rated Soffit panel to underside

  • Galvanised steel frame as

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Cantilever Balconies Glass handrail

conXdec is a cost-effective solution manufactured from mild steel and galvanised after manufacture for
large scale developments yet having flexibility on a number of varied apartments or property door openings to increase length with the modular system. conXdec can also be used for corner balconies to provide a double aspect or configured to wrap around 2 sides.
Optional finishes for the balustrade for balconies:
• Frameless Glass
• Glass with Handrails
• Aluminium Handrail System (powder coated)
• Mild Steel Vertical Handrails (galvanised and powder-coated)
• Mild Steel and Glass
• PPC Aluminium Panels

Steel used in balconies is has many benefits over alternative methods for balconies including aluminium and concrete herewith some of the benefits:
• Fire Rating – Steel has a much greater melting point over aluminium
• Recycled – almost all steel can be recycled and reused therefore sustainable.
• Flexibility in design – Steel can be formed into different shapes including curved to greater tolerances.
• Stronger – Steel possess a great strength to weight ratio than aluminium
making it more resilient therefore less likely to warp in in heat, bend and therefore greater stability for balconies.

conXdec can be used as a slide on or bolt on system with manufacture of balcony off site so the balcony arrives assembled ready for install by our in -house installation teams.

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The Modular Balcony System

conXdec Advantages

Our modular systems allow’s us to attach thermally broken bolt on or slide on balcony systems to buildings without the need for scaffolding. The system is comprised of a first and a second fix attachment.There are many advantages of using this system :-


Cost Effective

Our standard modular components keep costs at an absolute minimum


Fire Rated

conXdec is fire rated as standard with our system meeting the requirements of the LABC for fire rating and weatherproofing


Thermal Efficiency

Our unique modular system allows for structural connections to be made between the internal floor slab and the external balcony chassis, without interrupting the continuous thermal insulation of the building.Arrives complete with all necessary ThermConX thermal break connections to ensure compliance with all thermal bridging regulations.


Flexible Design

Available in three depths of 1.25 1.50 and 1.75m and with the starting base unit at 2.3 meters long, increasing by multiple lengths of 1.15m for desired lengths. Thus making the connects deck system ideal for standardising designs for developments of various lengths on single developments or numerous standard details for multiple developments. The details for fixing to building very using bolt on or slide on systems into wide range of substrates.


Versatile construction

Suits all methods of construction from brick and block and wind post through to cast in situ & timber frame.


OFF site storage

Allows all balcony systems to be manufactured and stored off site.


Time Saving

Keeps time on site to an absolute minimum and ensures no risk of damage to external items as the building is being erected.