BalconyLife Ltd

About Us

Balcony life are primarily specialist in the design manufacture and installation of balcony systems for a wide range of customers and developments. From bespoke to fire rated systems with many variations of the design.

With many years of experience and expertise we are able to assist with most requirements and solutions required by our customers for a wide range of buildings and construction methods.

Utilizing our experience and expertise for architectural metal work, Balcony life also offer other Associated products to assist our customers with their projects these additional products include 

Balustrade systems 

Canopy systems 

Staircases and access areas 

Other architectural Metal Works 

Our head office based within the East Midlands is also situated in the perfect location to service all of the UK.

Mild Steel Construction

All our balconies are manufactured from mild steel as provides a host of benefits over aluminium and concrete which includes:

Steel is stronger with an excellent strength to weight ratio over aluminium or concrete, has greater durability and resilience so less likely to deform under heat or weight and therefore providing much improved durability.

Steel can be formed into shapes with tight tolerances therefore able to create the demands to suit most designs.

Steel is more resistant to fire than aluminium with a higher melting point.

99% of constructional steel is reused or recycled in the UK making it sustainable.

Steel can be galvanised which is highly durable coating which can last a lifetime over aluminium that oxidises over time leaving a poor finish with maintenance required to maintain finishes.